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The Florida Keys Assisted Care Coalition, Inc., a non-profit group of volunteers, is working to encourage the City of Key West to create an elder care community for our citizens.


A Model

Assisted Living Community


Request for Proposals



 Development of public land along the Truman Waterfront under long-term lease to Florida Keys Assisted Care Coalition, Inc. (“FKACC”) 


April 12, 2012



Part I - Advertisement: Request for Proposals (RFP)

 Part II - Overview and Project Information

Part III - Submittal Requirements

 Part IV - Evaluation Criteria

Part V - Terms and Conditions




 RFP Issue Date:   April 12, 2012

 RFP Due Date: Proposals must be received before 2:00 PM on June 15, 2012.

 A MANDATORY site visit and pre-proposal conference will be held at 2:00 P.M. on May 15, 2012,  in the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center Meeting Room, 35 E. Quay Rd., Key West, Florida.

 Proposals must be delivered to FKACC at 201 Front St., Suite 224, Key West, Florida 33040 or mailed to FKACC to the attention of Sandra Higgs, P.O. Box 1008, Key West, Florida, 33041-1008.

 Only hard copy proposals will be accepted. FKACC will not be responsible for any delays in delivery of proposals. Proposals must be clearly identified on the outside of the envelope as:

 • RFP

• Florida Keys Assisted Care Coalition, Inc.

• Master Developer Proposal

• Attention: Sandra Higgs

• From: (Proposing Firm name)

 The complete Request for Proposals will be posted on FKACC’s website, www.fkacc.org . Addenda and other information will be posted on the website throughout the solicitation process.

 Proposing firms are encouraged to monitor the website throughout the solicitation process.

 FKACC encourages participation of minority/women business enterprises and subcontractors.

  Questions are to be directed to Sandra Higgs, Coordinator, via e-mail to fkacc99@aol.com . Please review the information on the website prior to submitting questions. 



 FKACC, a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) corporation, seeks a Master Developer to develop a parcel of public land owned by The City of Key West (contiguous to a potential second parcel owned by The Utility Board of the City of Key West) comprising approximately 3.32 acres of land on and adjacent to former Navy property at Truman Annex, as a retirement community consisting of approximately a minimum of 70 assisted living units, with a potential for a Phase II of another 70 independent living and/or assisted living units, for a total of 140 senior living units with the necessary components associated with maintaining healthy lifestyles for seniors. 

 This project represents a significant opportunity for a Master Developer to design, build and operate at a minimum 70 assisted living units of housing in Key West, on land that the voters of Key West have approved to be leased to FKACC, together with the potential of additional facilities accommodating accessory uses on contiguous land owned by Keys Energy Services, with substantial benefits for the Master Developer, FKACC, the greater Key West area, and Monroe County.  The City of Key West has expressed its willingness to work with both non-profit and for profit entities, but prefers an established non-profit operator.

This project is envisioned to advance the retirement-housing objectives of FKACC, the business objectives of the partners, and the needs of elder residents of the greater Key West area.  The project will provide vitally-needed retirement housing through a financially-sound mixed-income model designed for the various financial segments of retirement-age Keys’ residents who do not require full-time nursing care.  Accordingly, private businesses must balance their business model with the FKACC mission, as more fully set forth below.  The Master Developer will be expected to support FKACC’s Guiding Principles for the project (please refer to Exhibit A to this RFP).


 The mission of the FKACC is to provide a model assisted and independent living community in harmony with the Keys environment and fully integrated within the surrounding community.  In carrying out that mission, FKACC raised funds for planning the project, identified a suitable site, obtained dedication of the land needed for the project, retained a consultant experienced in creation and operation of  elder-care communities to produce a feasibility and marketing study,  and secured voter approval of a referendum authorizing the City of Key West to enter into a 99-year lease of City-owned land for the planned retirement community. Please refer to FKACC’s web-site, www.fkacc.org, for additional information about FKACC. 


Project Site

 The housing site within the planned retirement community will be located on two contiguous parcels of land   (the “Residential parcels”) totaling approximately 3.32 acres of vacant land located on the former U.S. Navy Truman Annex, as depicted on the attached survey.  Adjacent to the Residential parcels is a parcel owned by The Utility Board of the City of Key West, consisting of approximately .45 acres of land occupied by historic masonry buildings, formerly housing electric generating equipment. The Utility Board has given conceptual approval for use of the “Utility Board parcel” for accessory uses serving residents of the retirement community and other senior citizens of the City of Key West; however, the terms of a lease of that parcel remain to be negotiated. See attached Retained Area drawing dated March 11, 2011 and Utility Board Resolution No.766 dated September 23, 2009. (Exhibit F)

  Existing buildings (Utility Board parcel)

 The masonry buildings located on the Utility Board parcel are historic structures that formerly housed industrial equipment. Redevelopment of this parcel would require preservation, rehabilitation and reuse of these buildings, coordinated with the Historical Architectural Review Commission (“HARC”).

 Site Conditions                        

 The Master Developer(s) will be responsible for determining the environmental conditions, geotechnical conditions, utility availability, storm water management plan, applicable land use regulations, and ensuring compliance of the development with any applicable land use, concurrency and other regulations. Site development must accommodate any existing sewer and Navy water lines running through the Project Site.   Additional site information is included in the RFP Exhibits.

 Partnership objectives

 FKACC’s objective is to establish a mixed income Key West retirement community providing quality housing and related services for retirement-age Keys’ residents who may require some assistance or care, short of full-time nursing care. The community will offer two levels of assisted care: basic and extended congregate.  The need for assisted-living housing was demonstrated by an independent market study.  To meet that need, FKACC proposes an assisted living facility, allocated among low-moderate income and market-rate rentals.   FKACC will assist the Master Developer by helping to coordinate the public and private efforts necessary to plan, finance, and build the project.  The Master Developer’s ability to embrace FKACC’s mission will be a significant factor in the selection process ancillary benefit to this project. It is not FKACC’s intent to change the private business model to the extent that the housing could not operate in a financially successful manner.


 The ability of FKACC to provide adequate parking for residents was identified in the market study as an important element of the project.  The Master Developer must identify the number and location of parking spaces on the site plan submitted as part of the response to this Request.


 The Residential Parcels will be leased to the Master Developer under a triple-net lease, the terms of which will be negotiated between the City and the Master Developer.  It is anticipated that any lease shall be for a term of at least 49 years with five 10-year renewal options exercisable by lessee subject to an annual CPI rent adjustment during each renewal term, and (b) clarification of the affordability criteria (¶ 5.1) to exclude from computation of maximum permissible rent any charges for food and care provided to residents of the facility. The Utility Board parcel, if and when integrated into the Project, would be leased to the Master Developer on terms to be negotiated, with the assistance of FKACC,  between the Utility Board and the Master Developer.  FKACC anticipates that the length of the Utility Board parcel lease would coincide with that of the Residential Parcels.  The Master Developer must provide a detailed exit strategy for implementation at the end of the lease terms, and must provide a legally sufficient indemnification of FKACC, holding FKACC, its directors and staff harmless from and against any liability under the Lease. 

Development Teams

 Proposing firms may comprise teams or joint ventures, will be known as (“Responding Teams”), and may include subcontractors as needed, in order to assemble the expertise requested for this project. Prior experience in operating elder housing is a major factor in determining the qualifications of the proposing firm



 Proposal Format

 Submissions are to be organized in the order the “Submittal Materials” are set forth herein, with each section and item number labeled and tabbed to identify the submittal item for which the information is being presented. Proposing firms are cautioned to be full and complete in their responses, without being overly elaborate. Supporting materials, brochures, etc. are to relate to a specific section, and be included in the applicable section. Proposing firms are requested not to submit supporting information that is not applicable to a specific submittal requested. Submissions should include information sufficient to provide for analysis relative to the submittals requested and corresponding evaluation criteria described in this Request for Proposals.

 RFP – Number of Copies and Size

 Hard copies of the RFP response must be submitted. One original, so marked, and fifteen (15) copies of the proposal are to be submitted. A copy must also be submitted in electronic format on a CD; the

format shall be in Microsoft Word and the file saved in PDF. Each copy is to include all materials requested, as there will be multiple parties reviewing the submittals. The proposal may not exceed seventy-five (75) 8 ½ x 11 total pages, line spacing will be at least 11/2 lines; the size of the font shall be 12 points (footnotes at no less than 11 points and margins(left-hand, right-hand, top, and bottom) shall be a minimum of 1 inch.  

 RFP Timeline


RFP Issued: April 12, 2012

 Pre-proposal conference: May 15, 2012

 Questions due: May 29,  2012

 Proposals due: June 15,  2012

 Evaluation of written submissions: June 25,  2012

 Evaluation Committee meeting(s) to identify short-listed firms: June 28,  2012

 Presentations by short-listed firms: July 10,  2012

 Evaluation Committee meeting(s): July 11,  2012

 FKACC Board Workshop: July 12,  2012

 Discussions/negotiations of proposal with invited firm(s), if needed:  TBD

 Evaluation Committee meeting(s):  TBD

 Best-And-Final Offers due from invited firm(s), if needed:  TBD

 Evaluation of Best-And-Final Offers, if such Offers are requested: TBD

 Evaluation Committee meeting(s), if needed:  TBD

 Presentation to FKACC Board of Trustees:  TBD

 Additional discussions/negotiations with invited firm(s), if needed:  TBD

 Recommendation to City of Key West:  TBD

 Note: Discussions with City or KES, and Evaluation Committee meetings, may be scheduled as needed throughout the evaluation process.


Submittal Materials


The Proposal is to include the following information:

 A) Master Developer’s Relevant Experience

 1. Similar Projects: Describe responding team’s experience developing similar projects. Describe in detail: a) your three most recent projects; b) your three most similar projects; and c) at least one long-term project (i.e., greater than 3 years in operation). Delineate responding team’s specific capabilities and past experience in master planning, designing, constructing, owning, managing, leasing and underwriting housing projects with similar goals to FKACC’s on this project.

2. Experience with Public/Private Partnerships: Set forth your project experience with public/private partnerships. Describe in detail your experience working with local municipalities, institutions, or public agencies. In addition, describe your firm’s experience with obtaining public-sourced economic incentives on past projects.

 3. Land Lease Projects: Identify responding team’s experience with ground leases.

 4. Local Familiarity: Describe responding team’s prior experience with development projects in South Florida. If you lack such experience, describe what actions you would take to familiarize your team with the local market conditions, and particularly the unique characteristics of the Keys.

 5. References: Provide one (1) client reference from each of the three (3) most similar projects undertaken by your firm or members of the responding team. Identify the contact information for each client reference’s most senior project administrator. References should be able to describe the performance of the responding team regarding understanding and meeting the goals of the client, cost control, leasing, design and construction management, scheduling, and the overall financial performance of the project.


B) Breadth and Depth of Master Developer’s Services and Resources

 1. Resources: Describe your firm’s depth of resources, including a description of professional staff in the region (or outside of the region that will be available as resources to this project).

 2. Services Available: Describe the full range of services provided by your firm.

 C) Proposed Development Management Team

 1. Responding Team Personnel: Provide a separate resume for each person with a key role on this project. Delineate for each key team member his/her years of experience, history on projects of a similar nature, tenure with the firm, and area of expertise. Be extremely clear and comprehensive regarding the person(s) who will have primary, day-to-day project management responsibility.

 2. Team Relationships: Provide an organizational chart identifying the project team members who will be assigned to this project.

 3. Supporting Firms: To the extent that your firm proposes to out-source any services, identify how you will provide all required services to successfully complete this project. If you propose to include third parties on your team, describe the relationship between or among the firms, past project working experience, and qualifications of such other firm(s), including individual team members.

 4. Equal Opportunity: Please refer to the Equal Opportunity information in PART V - TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE RFP.  Please provide information about your firm’s non-discrimination employment policies.

 5. List any and all felony convictions within the last 20 years rendered against any proposer, any officer, director thereof, or any related company.

 6. A proposer that is a licensed health care provider or other licensed entity shall include any material negative finding or sanction imposed by any licensing entity.

 7. List any and all outstanding civil penalties, judgments, and similar decrees within the last 20 years against any proposer, any officer or director thereof, or any affiliate or related company.

 8. List any failed financial projects.


D) Development Management Approach


1. Guiding Principles: Describe how your firm will meet FKACC’s mission and goals for the Retirement Community Project.

 2. Project Approach: Describe how your firm will approach the overall management and marketing of this project, addressing specific actions during each major phase. Discuss how your firm will involve FKACC in the decision process.

 3. Management Tools: Describe the development management tools and systems that your firm uses with similar projects (e.g., cost accounting, budget management, scheduling, investment analysis, status reporting, action item follow-up, project management, etc.)

 4. Project Schedule: Based upon your experience with similar projects, provide a schedule beginning at the point of selection and addressing the following project phases: negotiation of the sublease terms; design and permitting phase; construction phase duration; and projected opening of the first and last housing units. Describe your firm’s phasing and absorption plan.

 5. Tenant Mix: Describe your firm’s approach for ensuring that the occupancy mix (i.e., low-cost, moderate and market rate) conforms to FKACC’s  description of the project.

 6. Master Plan: Provide an illustrative master plan of your proposed project. The master plan is to be a color-rendered drawing clearly showing proposed building locations and sizes, land uses, densities, access, storm water facilities, open space features, parking and phasing. Include a chart on the master plan that identifies each building and indicates proposed use, gross square footage, and phase. Also summarize parking by phase.


• Graphically depict connectivity of the housing to other facilities within the project, and linkage with the adjacent residential community. FKACC is seeking design harmony within the project, and connectivity with the waterfront and the Truman Annex and Bahama Village neighborhoods.


• The master plan shall be in an 11” by 17” foldout format included with the proposal. FKACC may

request a digital, PowerPoint, and/or large-format hard copy of the master plan at a future date.


E) Sustainable design.   

 The Florida Keys have the highest utility (particularly water and electricity) costs in the State of Florida.  Design features that reduce the project’s demand for utilities are an essential component of the project.  The proposal should specify those design features and the anticipated level of LEEDS certification for the community’s facilities. 

 F) Project Financing

 Provide your firm’s proposed terms of the lease and of the residents’ rent/payment structure, addressing each of the following items:

 1. Provide Primary Lease Term and Renewal Lease Terms (if any).

 2. Propose a Rent/payment structure that will produce sufficient revenue (supplemented by any grant or private contributions obtained by FKACC) to meet FKACC’s goal of a constant, predictable revenue stream sufficient to meet bond obligations and operational costs.

 3. Provide a clearly defined project schedule that will provide Completion Dates and Occupancy Date(s) for each portion of the project. State measures that your firm will take to ensure that the Occupancy Date(s) is achieved.

 4. Provide a breakdown of how the project will be funded including:

 4.1 Amount of external investment (grants, private contributions) required

 4.2 Amount of debt required

 4.3 Sources of funds

 4.4 Experience in obtaining such financing.

 5. Provide a condensed proforma for the project, addressing your firm’s estimate of the development cost, operating and maintenance costs.

 G) Additional Features or Services

 Provide information regarding any additional features, services or concepts that differentiate your proposal and/or service abilities from other providers. These should be features, services or concepts that do not fit within any of the other submittal items but which would add additional value or enhance the overall project or the relationship between the Master Developer (s) and FKACC. These may be presented as part of the proposal or as optional alternates.

 H) Additional Information and/or Clarifications

 FKACC reserves the right to request additional information and/or clarifications to supplement the original proposal submittal. Further, FKACC may request supplemental written information to clarify verbal presentations and interviews with the short-listed Master Developer(s). FKACC reserves the right to waive irregularities and technicalities and to request re-submittals or revised proposals.

 Certification Form

 Include with the Submittal Materials, a completed Certification Form, in the format provided below:

 Certification Form

Submitted by:









(Name and address of firm)



(Authorized Person’s signature)



(Printed/typed name of Authorized Person)



(Telephone number)



(Facsimile number)



(Email address for correspondence)





It is FKACC’s intent to determine, by evaluation of the responses to this Request,  the best overall Master Developer and to terminate its existing 99 year lease conditioned upon execution of a new lease between the City of Key West and that Master Developer. In making its determination, FKACC will  give due consideration to written RFP responses and all supporting information provided, the success of presentations and interviews with FKACC’s representatives, and the financial considerations of the proposed development.

  FKACC seeks the proposing firm’s best proposal with the initial submittal. However, FKACC may enter into discussions/negotiations for modifications of the proposals and/or request Best-And-Final Offers as many times as necessary and from whichever firms it selects, but is not obligated to do so. FKACC may make its determination of the best overall Master Developer at any point in any phase of the selection process, without going to the next phase of selection. FKACC may also remove proposing firms from consideration at any point during the process outlined above in PART III - SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS


RFP responses are to address each of the Submittal Requirements listed herein. Listed below are the criteria that will be used to evaluate the RFP responses.


FKACC will consider the following key criteria in the selection process, listed in order of importance:

 1. Development Management Approach, with specific emphasis on FKACC’s

Guiding Principles

2. Project Financing

3. Evidence of Financial stability.

3. Master Developer’s Relevant Experience

4. Project design and operational features

5. Proposed Development Management Team

6. Breadth and Depth of Master Developer’s Services and Resources

7. Additional Information and/or Clarifications, as may be requested by FKACC

8. Additional Features or Services




 Responding firms are referred to as “Master Developer”, “Responding Team”, “Responding Firms”, “Firms”, and related terms, used interchangeably, and shall be defined as the entities providing a response to this RFP.


General Information

This RFP will in all cases be evaluated as a Request for Proposal and will not be evaluated as a “Bid” that is awarded solely on the basis of price or other dollar value.

 Communications Regarding this RFP

 All communications regarding this Request for Proposals are to be directed to FKACC’s Coordinator as described in PART I - ADVERTISEMENT: REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP). No FKACC Board members or other representatives are to be contacted.


Delivery of RFP Response

 The proposing firm is responsible for delivery of the RFP response, as outlined herein in


 FKACC will not be responsible for delays caused by the United States Postal Service, private courier service, or other delay caused by any occurrence. Hard copies of the RFP response must be submitted. Offers by telephone, facsimile, email, or telegram will not be accepted. If using an express mail service, be sure to use FKACC’s street address and zip code - DO NOT USE P. O. BOX number and ZIP CODE.

 The RFP due date is firm. Late proposals will be returned to the proposing firm unopened, and marked “This proposal was received after the time designated for the receipt and opening of RFP’s.” Responding firms will not be allowed to withdraw or modify their proposals after the opening time and date unless invited to do so by FKACC. Upon becoming public information, RFP files may be examined during normal working hours, by appointment.


Coalition’s Privileges

  FKACC reserves the right to accept or to reject any or all proposals and to make the award to the proposing firm, who in the opinion of FKACC will be in the best interest of and/or the most advantageous to the intended residents of the Community and of the public.   FKACC reserves the right to reject the proposal of any proposing firm which has previously failed in the proper performance of an award or to deliver on time contracts of a similar nature or which is not in a position to perform properly under this award. FKACC also reserves the right to evaluate proposing firm’s performance based on any references which FKACC may request from other entities. FKACC reserves the right to inspect all facilities built or operated by proposing firms in order to make a determination as to the foregoing. The proposing firm’s costs in responding to this RFP are theirs alone, and FKACC does not accept liability for any such costs.


Right to Waive and/or Request Revised Proposals

 FKACC reserves the right to waive irregularities and technicalities and to request re-submittals or revised proposals.

RFP Errors

 It is the proposing firm’s responsibility to immediately notify FKACC’s Coordinator, as listed herein in PART I - ADVERTISEMENT: REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) of any error in the RFP submittal discovered subsequent to the due date.

 Conflict of Interest

 Each proposing firm must disclose with its proposal the name of any officer, director or agent who is also an officer or director of FKACC.  Further, each proposing firm must disclose the name of any Coalition officer or director who owns, directly or indirectly, an interest of more than five per cent (5%) in the proposing firm, its subsidiaries, branches, or parent company.


 Any protest concerning any claimed conflict, defect, unfairness, or ambiguity in this RFP must be filed within 72 hours following receipt of this RFP. Any protest concerning the award procedures, or intended award must be filed within 72 hours following notice of FKACC’s intended decisions concerning selection of the successful proposing firm. Failure to file a protest within the time prescribed in this paragraph shall constitute a waiver of the right to contest the provisions of the RFP or of FKACC’s decision or action.

 Inspection of Sealed Proposals

 Sealed proposals received by FKACC pursuant to requests for proposals are exempt from public inspection until FKACC gives notice of a decision or intended decision, or ten (10) calendar days after proposal opening, whichever is earlier. RFP files may be examined during normal working hours by appointment with the FKACC Coordinator.

  Public Records

 Any material submitted in response to this RFP will become a public document pursuant to  Florida law. This includes material which the proposing firm might consider to be confidential or a trade secret. Any claim of confidentiality is waived upon submission effective after opening.

 Legal Requirements

 Federal, State, County and local laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations that in any manner affect the items covered herein apply. Lack of knowledge by the proposing firm will in no way be a cause for relief from responsibility.

 Contingent Fees

 The proposing firm warrants that no person or selling agency has been employed or retained to solicit or secure a contract herewith for a commission, percentage, brokerage or contingent fee, excepting bona fide employees or bona fide established commercial or selling agencies maintained by the proposing firm for the purpose of securing business. For breach or violation of this warrant, FKACC shall have the right to annul any resulting contract without liability or, in its decision, to deduct from the contract price without consideration or otherwise recover the full amount of such commissions, percentage, brokerage or contingent fee.

Equal Opportunity

 FKACC encourages the participation of local providers and Minority/Women Business Enterprises (M/WBE), in all contracts, subcontracts and joint ventures associated with this project. No person or firm shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise discriminated against in conjunction with the awarding and performance of any FKACC procurement on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or marital status.

 FKACC is committed to actively soliciting bids from businesses owned by minorities and women as well as from businesses that make good faith efforts to provide business opportunities to subcontractors that are owned by minorities and women. FKACC strongly encourages women-owned and minority business enterprise participation in this project.

 Additionally, FKACC encourages all proposing firms to make a good faith effort to provide opportunities to women and minority-owned businesses and to commit a portion of the contracted amount to capable M/WBE businesses.  FKACC does not require, however, a percentage of M/WBE’s participation for this project.

Public Entity

 A person or affiliate who has been placed on the convicted vendor list following a conviction for a public entity crime may not submit a bid on a contract to provide any goods or services to a public entity, may not submit a bid on a contract with a public entity for the construction or repair of a public building or public work, may not bid on leases or real property to a public entity, may not be awarded or perform work as a contractor, supplier, subcontractor, or consultant under a contract with any public entity in excess of the threshold amount provided in Section 287.017, for CATEGORY TWO for a period of thirty-six (36) months from the date of being placed on the convicted vendor list.

 Right to Select More Than One Master Developer

 FKACC reserves the right to select more than one Master Developer under this RFP and/or modify the scope of services to be provided by any Master Developer(s) engaged under this RFP.

 Non-Exclusivity of Development Management Team Members

 FKACC desires the ability to switch team members, supporting firms, subcontractors, tenants or other participating entities from one submitting firm to another or to replace proposed team members, supporting firms, subcontractors, tenants or other participating entities with Coalition-selected consulting firms, subcontractors, or other participating entities.

 A condition of FKACC accepting proposals will be that the proposal contains no exclusive agreements between the submitting firm and any team members, supporting firms, subcontractors, tenants or other participating entities regarding this project.  FKACC reserves the right, however, to consider, in its sole discretion, submissions that include exclusive relationships, provided that the relationship is ongoing and there is a history of substantial projects completed under the agreement. Any pre-existing agreements relating to exclusive relationships between team members, subcontractors, lessors or other participating entities must be fully documented in the proposal. Such documentation must include past examples of projects completed under the agreement.


Best and Final Offers/Negotiations

 FKACC reserves the right to enter into negotiations with one or more proposing firms regarding the terms, conditions, finance and any other elements of the proposals submitted as well as to request best and final offers from one or more firms as part of the RFP process.


Use of Information Provided by FKACC

  FKACC provides the attached information for use by the proposing firm in gaining a preliminary understanding of the project. It is the proposing firm’s, and ultimately the Master Developer’s, responsibility to perform its own due diligence to obtain and verify the current and accurate information for this project.




 List of Exhibits provided with this RFP:


A. FKACC statement of Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles.

B. Truman Waterfront Key West, FL Assisted Living Site Plan

C.  99 Year Lease between the City of Key West and the FKACC

D.  Project Timeline

E.   Attached is a draft lease that was in the process of being finalized; other terms maybe available to a newly selected developer.  This draft lease will not necessarily be appropriate for a non-profit organization.  The document is being included to provide a reference as to the lease that will have to be agreed to between the City and the developer.

F.  Retained Area drawing dated March 11, 2011 and Utility Board Resolution No.766 dated September 23, 2009.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit B1

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E

Exhibit F

Proposed lease KW assisted Living